about us





Designer, Annette Kres, consciously dares to take a completely new look at  fashion - and the materials  and methods required. The inclusion of nature into the design process is what promised the design vision of HOUSE OF AIM. With her sustainable and/or design-orientated  collections, the designer is aiming to break with prevailing conventions and creates new perspectives.  


The artwork for the padded vest PLUMLEY, was created with the great help of a woodlouse, called Gerlinde. The designer followed her path with a pen, creating a unique graphic with the unpredictable help of our surrounding nature. In combination with banana fibre fabric, this vest is one of a kind. The cosy and fluffy filling is recyceled PES. 







A similar process was used in the pattern design for our cardigan MATILDA – this time equipping ants with small sensors, recording their movement digitally and finally transferring it onto a knitting pattern.



The data was provided by a team of researchers from the University of Lausanne
(Unil - Université de Lausanne, Département d'écologie et évolution). Merci!